Study Iran Contra which was guns one way and CIA coke for crack for for-profit prisons. Now study AwanContra and Mango diplomacy and read the 2011 wikileaks emails about $6 mangoes coming into O’Hare airport. Now look at a chart of heroin and opioid ODs and note the spike–no pun intended. AwanContra is the same as Iran Contra except it is for both for-profit prisons AND fresh young organs for the transplant industry. Look at animal tranquilizers coming in from Pakistan and likely India. The 2016 poppy crop was up 46% over the 2015 record. I won’t go into the targeting of veterans or the watered-down dosage Oxycontin but it is not that hard to figure out. Good luck. As for me, figuring this all out will no doubt cost me my life. It’s been a good run. No regrets.