Hi Tim,

Right on! The London tube is a wonderful place for education and metropolitan reembodiment. But when I ride it and look around, the commuters look zombiod, disinterested, usually downcast with Apple tendrils in their ears and totally disconnected with the world around them. Like someone with pain walking through a forest and just thinking about pain rather than imbibing the brilliant world around them. I sometime think this tube behaviour may have something to do with England’s less than satisfactory sporting performances over the years!.

The tube is a city dwellers environment and the zombie riders are missing out on something special. The smell, the feel, the movement, the air, the sounds, the variety of humanity, the ads and the word games you can play with them, the musical “mind the gap” (And I read that Mr Mind the Gap died recently). Play guess the riders’ profession or country of origin. The tube is great for Stage 1 and 2 of GMI – look for all the left or right hands and feet when someone is standing, or imagine yourself as someone you spot and imagine you are doing what they do. Nothing wrong with a bit of therapeutic perving as long as you don’t get caught.

Talk about theratube!