EP3 2015 – So long and thanks for all the cheese

As the sparkle of EP3 2015 gently fades into a warm glow, here’s a supercut of the fun times to help embed the fond memories, or for those that couldn’t make it, a little taste, to whet your appetite for EP3 2016!



– Tim Cocks




PS: The magnificent tunes underneath the track? That would be Ode to Camembert by Christian Marsac

3 Responses to “EP3 2015 – So long and thanks for all the cheese”

  1. Oh pain, where art thou? | noijam

    […] in 2015, things got a little interesting. A different group of eight researchers (including past EP3 2015 speaker Robert Coghill, and future EP3 2016 speaker Gian Domenico Iannetti) published a highly […]


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