Nana Mouskouri and the neuroimmune flush

I am going  to hear and see Nana Mouskouri next month. She is 80 and I am excited – top seats too!

Here she is live in concert in 1981


This fact may not excite too many readers but I think a good concert with music that you heard and loved when you were younger takes your brain back to those days and probably gives it a good neuroimmune ‘flush’ and workout in a state uncontaminated by the dangers, fears and inhibitions that have been added through life.

– David Butler

2 Responses to “Nana Mouskouri and the neuroimmune flush”

  1. davidboltononoi

    Dear David,
    For some maybe…….. Yes those triggers of thought, sight, sound, taste, smell and touch stimulate a cascade effect like a dominoes line. However it is unpredictable how the brain will
    ” Weigh up the World” at that moment. In my case Nana triggered a mild depressive state which washed over me like a mist. I wasn’t a very happy bunny in the early days when Nana came on the scene.
    You mentioned recently, David that you often ponder on why the patients brain has chosen a specific body part manifestation of the threat it perseives to be true. I believe the answers lie with the “Dominoes” and the way life so far has lined them up…………
    London 🌊🌊🌊☁️☁️☁️


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