That’s not a snake bite story

Boynton man bitten by snake describes ‘pounding’ pain

“‘Wow!’ I remembered thinking,” the 29-year-old Boynton Beach man said Wednesday. “‘This hurts like hell, but that’s a cool-looking snake.'”

Toogood said that despite pain that felt “like someone driving a nail through my toe and pounding on my foot at the same time,” he stayed calm enough to pull his smartphone from his pocket and snap a picture of the reptile.”


This snake bite, unlike that other famous snake bite, hurt the first time round.

What was different? What made this bite hurt?


-Tim Cocks



Snake bites that hurt, and those that don’t can be powerful metaphors to Explain Pain. Get along to a noigroup course to get up to date while you get your think on, with more nifty narratives and neuroscience nuggets than you can poke a stick at (that is just a stick right? It’s not a snake…) 

2 Responses to “That’s not a snake bite story”

  1. davidbutler0noi

    I love snake stories. I still love Lorimer’s snake story even though I have heard it more than most. This one in Florida is a beauty Tim! There is such a series of collective inputs occurring starting with him knowing immediately it was a snake that bit him, embedding that info with a photo! and then “it hissing at me with mouth open” to the helicopter etc etc. A great example of acute pain being produced and maintained by collective inputs. Can acute pain ever be linear?


  2. davidboltononoi

    Knowing that, despite how you feel you are safe can be very comforting and soothing. I could imagine that this man, with his background new what to do and calmly followed “procedure” whilst living the experience……… Firstly acknowledging the patients suffering so that they feel heard is very powerful. Secondly helping them to understand that, what ever they are experiencing at that time is ” Normal ” and “Safe” is a massive analgesic message that educational therapy can deliver …….


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