Handstands for chronic pain


I love this clip by Larissa MacFarlane. We played it in an art exhibition at the NOI 2012 conference in Adelaide and I think it is a novel and inspiring way to discuss, demonstrate and understand context variable graded exposure for chronic pain.

Let me know what you think.



5 Responses to “Handstands for chronic pain”

  1. davidbutler0noi

    Hi Chris,

    I like your term – the “everyday-ness of improvement”. What a goal!


  2. davidboltononoi

    Beautiful ……. I limp to the tennis court with my persistent pain, chase around like a ten year old and then limp home again with my persistent pain ……we have a great time together my pain and I …….as in any “Healthy relationship” we have agreed on “Time out” moments when we do our own thing, for a while as a single being and not a couple …….

  3. davidboltononoi

    Persistant pain is just one of our sub personalities, part of who we are ?????Deconstructing it can be very dangerous for the well being of the whole person, for their soul ……. Proceed with caution if you work
    wih CBT as you might just open a can of worms and spark a psychotic breakdown!!!!!!!! Leave this work
    to the professionals, the
    Psychotherapists………. Now there’s a provocative statement…….smell me ……..We frown upon ” technicians” invading our World !!!!


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