100,000 view anniversary – Help us help you!

We have just posted our hundredth post ‘Koalas don’t have falls‘.  At the same time, we have had our 100,000th view this week!

When we started noijam just over a year ago we set out with a few aims in mind:

  • provide an open, liberal discussion forum led by experienced clinicians, focusing on the treatment of ongoing pain states via nervous system changing therapies based on movement and education
  • facilitate findings from science into clinical decision making,
  • enhance links between clinicians and researcher,
  • bring researchable ideas from the clinic to the fore.

Gazing back over the 100 posts, we feel we have covered a fair range of ideas and subjects relevant to the Clinical Scientist, from the esoteric to the practical and quite a bit in between.

Looking ahead, we are keen to enhance the discussion aspect of noijam further. Let us know how we can make it easier for you to join the conversation. Are there topics that you’d prefer to read about? As noijam continues to emerge and evolve we’d love your input and help in shaping our blog. Help us help you!

Dave, Tim and Kat

3 Responses to “100,000 view anniversary – Help us help you!”

  1. Efwef Gwerb

    100,000 views in a week is a huge following. Who is reading? Physios, patients? Doctors?

    I’d like to see some video demonstrations with patients.


  2. davidbutler0noi

    Thanks – nothing like 100,000 a week!! more like 4,000 a week. Hard to tell who reads but I know we have readers from all areas of rehab and a good number of patients. Many patients are agents for change.



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