This video is going to hurt

Thoughts, comments…… confessions?

-Tim Cocks

3 Responses to “This video is going to hurt”

  1. Efwef Gwerb

    I posted this video of Derren Brown recently on a different thread, but it bears repeating.

    What I should have mentioned last time in relation to this video:

    — Whilst Derren is an entertainer, this is a real effect (he doesn’t use stooges afaik).
    — Derren would have screened a large number of students, possibly hundreds, before he ended up choosing these 3.
    — The asian girl may have been used as a prop to enhance the “now you can’t back out” sensation in the volunteers.
    — The 3 he chose would be highly suggestible. This would NOT work on just anyone, and in other videos, Derren is quite clear about that.
    — It’s highly likely that some work was done off camera as a way of building rapport to a high level. He can induce rapport extremely quickly and deeply, so we’re probably not talking about more than 5-10 minutes at a guess.

    The relevance should be obvious. Even for less suggestible patients. what we say can have profound implications.

    Here is another video to demonstrate Derren entrancing a bloke on the subway in less than a minute. Start video at 1:30. Lots of signs of medium level trance in the subject.

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