More than glue

Addiction and the brain: how the immune system takes over

“This has significant drug addiction treatment implications. It means that treating drug addicts from a “brain” perspective might only solve part of the problem. The “other brain”, the brain immune cells, might need a little love and attention as well.”

The pain world is also slowly coming to realise that the ‘other brain’- those beautifully named cells like astrocytes and microglia and oligodendrocytes are more than just “glue” (the term glia comes from latin for glue) and play as much a part in pain (especially chronic pain) as neurons.

There is now enough data and literature to support the neuroimmune brain as a target for treatments such as pain biology eduction and Graded Motor Imagery.  Giving the other brain a bit of love can also help a person in trouble re-embody a partially disowned body part and help them to love their hand (foot, knee, hip, shoulder back, neck…) once again.

Have a read of Mark’s excellent article via the link above and come back and share your thoughts in the comments below.

– Tim Cocks

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4 Responses to “More than glue”

  1. davidboltononoi

    That day will come when all pathologies, whether acute or persistent are managed from a GMI perspective…….when the patient’s consciousness becomes the integral part of all treatments…..

    • timcocks0noi

      … when phenomenology is taught alongside physiology and Merleau-Ponty gets a look-in beside Maitland…


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