Thanks Tim.
We are a lazy lot aren’t we? – you remind me that I should have analysed my blackberry thumb a little better – I jumped to the diagnosis. So many pain states are categorised in terms of presumed injuring activity, thus we also see “strawberry picker’s hand”, “mouse user’s wrist” ,” tennis elbow”, “moviegoer’s knee”, “tight jean disease” etc. etc. A patient told me once that he had a “wanker’s elbow.” (google it and see!) . Note that a feature of these diagnoses is usually blame on an external agent and rarely an analysis of pathobiological processes that will be always be personalised to the person in trouble. At noigroup, we are big on deconstruction of labels into something biological to target therapy at. I know you are too.
Models to assist deconstruction include the orchestra model (neuromatrix, neurosignatures), pain mechanism model, onion skin and fear avoidance models – all being remodelled by science as we write and topic of future posts.

I wish you well with your ladder foot!